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CARISMAND aims to deal with the issues of preparedness, response to disasters and after-crisis recovery which is inevitably influenced by cultural background of individuals and the society they live in. In this context culture is understood as the characteristics of a particular group of people defined by everything from a set of values, history, literature, language, religion to cuisine, social habits or music and arts. Cultural factors play an important role in determining the way people response to stress, engage in crisis management and accept disaster relief in an emergency.

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Develop a personal “culture of preparedness”


Actor: Disaster Managers, Citizens

Phase: Preparedness, Response, Recovery

Types of Actors Concerned: "Active" citizens, European civil protection mechanism, LEAs

Situation: Man-made non-intentional hazards or emergency situations, Man-made intentional hazards

Recommendation 3


Actor: Citizens

Phase: Prevention, Preparedness, Response

Types of Actors Concerned: European civil protection mechanism, LEAs, Local Authorities

Situation: Hazards

Recommendation 2


Actor: Disaster Managers


Types of Actors Concerned:

Situation: Terrorism and conflicts, Man-made non-intentional hazards or emergency situations

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